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On the 5th March 2017, I had the pleasure of attending the Community Showcase offering a vibrant and fun atmosphere at the Make Warehouse. The fabulous showcase presented a variety of works allowing for many companies and local communities to come together showing a good sense of commitment and collaboration.

With multiple song choices and colourful costumes the performers dazzled the audience with their enthusiasm, technique and obvious joy for the art form that is dance. Throughout the afternoon we had the opportunity to enjoy 11 different dance groups performing an assortment of works on a variation of themes. With pupils, students and children from around Liverpool, this really was a production that offered a together and cohesive feel. The audience cheered and got involved as they clapped performances throughout, giving further inspiration and a sense of community. Further interaction also took place within the interactive spaces offered at LEAP, allowing the audience and performers to engage with the space and communicate with friends and family.

Within the performance we had the chance to welcome ‘Merseyside Youth Dance Company’, exploring the stereotypes of women. The performers executed the work with confidence and through vocals gave a true and inspirational touch on the theme through a personal perspective. The sound was enjoyable and the performers used style and creativity when performing. It was a pleasure to welcome the company to the LEAP Dance Festival 2017.

We further greeted ‘Unlock the Box’ by ‘Movema’s youth dance project’, offering a delightful and cheerful performance. The company worked well as a team and showed a great sense of community as they worked together. The performance was beautiful and really allowed us to engage with the performance. The movement was creative and the space was used widely. We thank ‘Movema’ for their fantastic work and for performing at the LEAP Dance festival 2017.

Next we welcomed to the space ‘Knowsley Community College’ looking at their individuality on the theme ‘Camouflage: Seen and Unseen’. This led to further discussion about camouflage within society. The company performed an accurate piece, keeping in precise formation and showing a great sense of team work. The staccato movement was clean and showed fabulous timing and position within the space. An excellent technique performed showing an accurate performance. We thank ‘Knowsley Community College’ for their sharing of work within the LEAP Dance Festival 2017.

The next performance came from the ‘House of Suarez’, a piece called ‘No T and no Shade’.  The performance was fabulously executed and gave a powerful sense, showing a call and response technique that was beautifully implemented. The vogue movement was clear and clean, a pleasure to watch and a strong performance. We thank ‘House of Suarez for their wonderful performance within the LEAP Dance Festival 2017.

Performing next was the ‘MDI Open Contemporary’ class, taking the theme of seek and find. The group used great music that gave a splendid touch to the performance, allowing the audience to move along. The movement scooped across the space as the dancers showed a cluster form that portrayed accuracy and good spatial awareness. The patterns executed were grand and powerful within the performance. We thank the ‘MDI Open Cotemporary class for sharing their wonderful work within the LEAP Dance Festival 2017.

Next on stage was the ‘MDI Dance Stars’, taking time in rehearsals to brainstorm ideas and representing a variety of wild animals, the dancers gave a fantastic performance. The performance was playful and energetic, really helping to show and portray their theme. They were all a delight to watch perform and it was lovely to see such young children performing within the LEAP Dance Festival. The movement was tremendous and showed some great spatial awareness as the dancers moved around the space. We thank the ‘MDI Dance Stars’ for their participation within the LEAP Dance Festival 2017.

‘C.O.L.C Male Dance Company’ performed their piece “…and”, that reflected their diverse personalities and identities. This was clearly shown throughout the performance as their movement style developed and changed. The movement was clever and well-rehearsed giving a very much enjoyable performance. The movement was executed beautifully with constant connection to the theme and movement portrayed. The dancers were professional and a cohesive company was very much shown. The performance incorporated contact work which was refreshing and nice to see within the work. We thank C.O.L.C Male Dance Company for their sharing of the work within the LEAP Dance Festival 2017.

Next we welcomed to the space ‘MDI Beginners Contemporary’ exploring the idea of homeless people, sleeping rough in and around Liverpool. The theme was beautifully portrayed, giving an opening of the public walking across the space, showing little interest for the homeless man. This was a nice touch that gave a simplistic but elegant approach that showed the theme creatively and with accuracy. The performers were controlled and connected well with the theme, showing good use of the space and well executed movement. The music was also beautifully chosen that offered further emotion, we thank ‘MDI Beginners Contemporary’ for their performance within the LEAP Dance Festival 2017.

The next performers were the ‘Open Ballet’, telling the story of a young soldier. The performance was narrative based, showing a beautifully elegant performance with stunning sound. The movement was executed with grace and the company performed with confidence and assurance. The costumes were nicely thought out and the movement transitions were smooth throughout. The technique was nicely portrayed and really gave a sense of passion towards both the style of movement and the theme. The ending was perfect, showing simplicity but thought, and gave a mature and natural response to the theme. We thank ‘Open Ballet’ for their elegant contribution to the LEAP Dance Festival 2017.

The community show further had the pleasure of welcoming ‘Riddim N Roots Group’ performing their collaborative work on the changing and development of the butterfly. This was very much shown through the group’s colourful costumes and up beat sound. This gave a lively and fun feel to the show. The performance was beautifully received with jolting movement that had the audience moving along. The dancer’s attitude and performance skills were fabulous, giving a real sense of community, fun and joyfulness. The group were cohesive and worked well together, we thank ‘Riddim N Roots’ for their energetic and animated performance within the LEAP Dance Festival 2017.

Finally, we welcomed ‘LIPA Sixth Form College’ to the space, performing a duet inspired by the contemporary work Rosas danst Rosas by Anne Teresa de Keersmaeker. The piece was wonderful, showing both inspiration and collaboration. The movement was accurate and executed precisely with good dynamic changes and a continuous flow of energy throughout the performance. The dancers were confident and portrayed a natural attachment to both movement and the space. A beautiful performance. We thank ‘LIPA Sixth Form College’ for their participation in the LEAP Dance Festival 2017.

We thank all the companies for taking part within the LEAP Dance Festival 2017, and celebrate another successful and beautifully performed show. The afternoon was well received and we thank you all for your support. #makemeLEAP


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