MDI presented…

Mary Prestidge

Throughout the LEAP Dance Festival 2017, we had the pleasure of welcoming Mary Prestidge and her site specific work. Throughout the festival it is also interesting to receive and incorporate audience perspective and how the performance effected or created response from others. Feedback and analysis is very important within the world of Art.

Below is a review of the performance from a member of the audience, we thank Natalie Traynor for her analysis of the performance.

Upon entering the bar area, the installation in the corner instantly drew my attention.  With projections against the two walls, one pre-recorded and the other live-feed.  Those performing engaged and focused on the moment, interacting with either the projection or each other, through the use of objects, such as a stick, a cloth and a plastic sheet.  Sound effects from the objects added to the calm yet interesting sound score, and set the tone for the installation.

 The use of everyday, pedestrian movement was fitting for the context of the bar area, and the improvisational approach gave an easy and natural feel to the social space.  At times, the performers moved away from the installation, in to other spaces, which brought an extra dimension to the work.  In these moments, the performers offered the audience the opportunity to participate with them and the props, expanding the idea of play and experimentation.  This worked well with the projected live feed, which was recording at the audience’s feet as they entered and exited the bar area.  Further making those watching a part of the installation.

Overall, this was an interesting concept, encompassing many elements such as space, interaction, technology, object, and improvisation.  I really enjoyed watching this installation and hope that there will be more work of this nature in future!

 Natalie Traynor


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