Liz Aggiss presents…


A unique and extraordinary piece of performance work by Liz Aggiss. Both imaginative and full of humour that had the audience laughing out loud. Aggiss created a masterpiece, full of vibrant context surrounding and addressing all female perspectives, both through a literal concept and an underpinning approach to feeding information to the audience. When being present for a performance by Liz Aggiss, rules do not apply! This, a refreshing take on ways to create and show material, allowing for Aggiss to be seen and heard, giving her an identity all of her own.

Aggiss continuously breaks the fourth wall throughout the performance, finding new and imaginative ways to interact with the audience. This was achieved through multiple themes from party games and balloons passed through the audience, giving a light and fun atmosphere for everyone. It was a fabulous idea that gave a creative touch, offering great involvement for all. The audience laughed and giggled throughout giving an open and collaborative air. As Aggiss shouted commands, giving obscure tasks that provoked and welcomed them to the world of Liz Aggiss. Through watching the performance it is key to, just let the chips fall where they may, giving her all power to take you on a fantastic journey with her ever-growing wit and sarcasm.

The extravagant costumes and her ability to incorporate a variety of props outstands, adding to her ability to hold the stage with perfect presence that keeps us ever engaged. The movement material was nicely executed and original. However, repetitive at times and development could have been furthered. The arm motif was of a staccato style with angular tendencies. This allowed for a powerful stance as the arms pushed sharply through the space. Imbedded in this work of constant and fast pace movement, ‘let’s have a party’, spoken text by Aggiss was reintroduced throughout. Thus giving the on watchers a clear sense of character and a friendly gesture that the audience became familiarised with. This really gave the performance a sense of theme and her ability to be heard no matter her age or gender. ‘Are you sitting comfortably’ again another text spoken by Aggiss throughout the performance. An interesting statement to ask, however, one that truly opens up the purpose of the performance and her ability to make the audience feel a variety of emotions. Moving from becoming slightly uncomfortable to being completely immersed into her world of raunchy statements and provocative innuendos.

The performance gives Aggiss the opportunity to share thoughts and her growing content. Aggiss allows for questions and thoughts to be raised within the work with the use of a diverse amount of props, from falling coins in unexpected areas, to hilarious ventriloquism. This was an interesting technique in which caused an awakening theatrical feel. Aggiss has really created her own sense of style, giving a refreshing and comical approach to movement and the arts. Ending with a scene that gave the audience a new view, Aggiss donned her naked bum truly showing all her feminism and pushing boundaries. A constant piece of art that pushes and pulls simultaneously, with the sense of female history and gestures continuously being encountered.

The performance allowed for a display of contradictions, interpretations and themes working around girls, women, ladies, mothers, senior citizens and pensioners. Women of all aspects, moving through differing ages, social and historical research, giving Aggiss a clear view for performance material. Through the so called ‘idealistic’ attributes of contemporary dance, Aggiss was given the opportunity to use her talent as a way of contributing to the arts in an original and unique manner. Aggiss believes that with age, further determination and her further growing ideas of context, she is fighting to snatch the performance space. Although Aggiss bases her work on herself as a post war baby, where the parents were most certainly in charge, she has taken this opportunity to become the person she wanted. A truly inspirational person that shows that you can do anything in life as long as you put your mind to it. Most certainly achieving her goal of being seen and heard, we thank Liz Aggiss for her work within the LEAP Dance Festival 2017. The performance was well received and portrayed a powerful sense of performance and ability to hold the stage with her presence.


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