TACITURN Presents…


On Wednesday 8th March 2017 Taciturn performed their work ‘VIEW EDIT HISTORY’, giving the audience both an entertaining and hilarious introduction. The work found the perfect balance of creating comedy, that did not over indulge the audience but sat nicely in a positive manner. ‘What’s on your mind? Let us share with you what’s on ours as we change the privacy settings a little’, a question and statement asked within the programme notes. An inclination to the use of social media today…it’s ever growing world that allows people to connect and interact with just a click of a button. The performance allowed for an insight into this constant representation of yourself and how you are seen within today’s society.

Opening with spoken audio in a dark space, the performers shared their pre performance chatter and emotions before entering the space. This really helped to build character and allowed the audience too truly gain a perspective that flowed through the rest of the performance. As the dancers entered into a bright spotlight, they donned their sparkly silver jackets, giving the audience a fun and attractive opening. The smiles portrayed on the dancer’s faces were comical, progressively getting bigger as the piece went on, giving a sense of forced happiness, putting a good face on. Gently swaying, the dancers became more and more intense and their movement built progressively becoming confident and theatrical. Frank Sinatra’s ‘When you’re smiling’, really showed connection with both the movement and the costumes, allowing for further humour. The sound was nicely chosen and allowed for a refreshing approach to style of music in which we hear in contemporary work today.

Further sound incorporated into the piece was found sound, the use of the dancer’s feet to create a constant and repetitive beat. As the three dancers carried out this sharp and angular unison movement the beat remained strong. In time, one dancer suddenly broke of creating a juxtaposition in movement, showing a more fluid and sweeping motion rolling and moving across the space. A variety of styles became apparent as the performance developed, showing glimpses of jazz, salsa, contemporary and even acting as the performers addressed and spoke to the audience. This braking the fourth wall, and very much allowing the audience to become involved. The change in movement style throughout certainly gave the dancers the ability to grasp the audience’s attention at all times, giving them a good sense of stage presence. The performers captured all with their seamless performance moving through changing dynamics, styles and emotions.

We are on the side of angels by Bing and Ruth, again changed the atmosphere. Allowing for fluid movement and arm gestures, pointing and moving together through the space. Maintaining some contact work carried out in duets, the piece showed connection and fluidity as a company. With the theme in mind, this really gave a sense of people and how they may be perceived differently by social media, how we represent ourselves.  The opposition in movement allowed for questions and showed the dancers to maintain an assortment of techniques.

One dancer using spoken audio shouted ‘5’, a number which could represent a variety of themes, even potentially showing the representation of a high five or even the number of ‘likes’ on social media. This again developed into movement and an amusing progression occurred. The performers moved seamlessly though each other, well aware of their spatial awareness and contact with each other. A cyclical approach, gave the performance structure and formation as they moved back to the Frank Sinatra soundtrack, thus allowing for development and a sense of narrative, building a strong and enjoyable piece of work.

The performance was beautifully executed incorporating fall and recovery and stillness, the piece offered a multiple use of techniques really showing a fountain of material in which the audience could connect to. The work was easy to watch, a comfortable and light performance that had something for everyone, a piece that all could enjoy. We thank Taciturn for their performance sharing within the LEAP Dance Festival, it was a fantastic work that had all laughing and a real nice sense of connection with the audience and each other.



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