Throughout the LEAP Dance Festival 2017, the Make space has provided a stunning area that has provided opportunities to a whole host of artists and choreographers. The vibrant location gave foundations for connections and conversations between artists and admirers of the art. The bar area facilitated beverages and snacks with friendly service rounding off an excellent night out.

The space held opportunity for audience interaction whether it be through technology, the conversation starter projections of older footage, to the chalk board for comments and memories, to the interactive space with the dance cutout and the leaping sticker wall. #MakeMeLEAP

The space was well received offering a variety of aspects to get involved in, an enjoyable space in which created a new way of presenting dance work.

Make Venue from an audience perspective

The Make Venue has a very raw feel to it. The bare bones look of the stage, tier seating and interactive space allows for the technology and soft furnishings to not appear overwhelming. A change from every-day life. The choice in furniture in the bar and beer garden gave a warm rustic feel to the space. Personally I loved the accompanying heat cannons they gave a powerful heat enough for the entire venue. I felt that for the rawness of the venue it was still well heated and didn’t need the assistance of the complimentary blankets. All in all I would recommend the venue to performers and artists who can really take advantage of a warehouse ready for dance.

Anonymous – 21, Male



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