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Barrowland Ballet



Barrowland Ballet is a Glasgow based Dance Theatre Company led by choreographer Natasha Gilmore. Barrowland Ballet is a fabulous and exciting contemporary dance company, offering experiences inspired by the Artistic Director, allowing for a more intimate response. This gives the audience the opportunity to connect with the human behaviours and relationships portrayed through performance in a humorous manner. For more information about the company please visit:

The Artistic Director, Natasha Gilmore has recently been nominated for the prestigious UK Assitej Award for Excellence/Honorary Presidents’ for her performance works: Poggle, Little Red, Tiger Tale and Whiteout. For further information please visit:

Barrowland Ballet is performing their work ‘WHITEOUT’ within the LEAP Dance Festival. More information about the performance itself can be found on the website link below:




Stopgap Dance Company work and create productions for national and international touring. The company looks at integrating both disabled and non-disabled people through dance. Stopgap inspires people to move and allows for knowledge to be shared throughout. For more information on the company, please visit:

Stopgap is performing their piece ‘The Enormous Room’ at the LEAP Dance Festival. The physical theatre piece looks at a relationship between farther (Dave) and daughter (Sam), and the death of Jackie (The mother). Throughout the process two of the performers (Hannah and Christian) within the piece wrote a blog on the process and reflection on the work. Hannah and Christian help to give an insight to the process, and how the piece has developed and the methods to create movement. Please feel free to visit the Blog at

Hetain Patel



Hetain Patel piece ‘American Man’ is being performed in LEAP Dance Festival. American Man is a solo work using visual arts and sound. It discusses the issues surrounding race and gender, showing and expressing your identity. How this is performed within society and social media. The link below is a trailer for Hetain’s show, The American Man.

Project O





Mary Pearson



Mary Pearson - blog pic.jpeg
Calling all pomo mofos! (post modern motherf***ers!) Don’t miss out!

Will you lend me your eyes?

I would like to invite YOU to be in the show, FoMO, mofos! opening March 8th, 2017 at Liverpool LEAP festival.
I am making a new video to use in the show. Will you lend me your eyes to finish making this video in time for LEAP?
Here’s how:
1. Use whatever material you like to make an ‘eye-sized window’.
It should be a rectangle or square which is big enough for 1 of your eyes to look through. Make sure that you are able to open and close the window somehow.
2. Find a device to use (iphone or ipad ideally – I use iphone 6s, which has a great video camera)
3. Film about 10s with the window shut.
4. Film about 10s with the window open, with 1 of your eyes open behind it, looking through the frame.
5. Film about 10s with window open, starting with 1 of your eyes behind it. You could close your open eye, or open your closed eye, close and open several times, or any variation of open/close you find etc..
6. Send them to me!, using WeTransfer or similar
Send the videos to me during next week Feb 20th-25th, 2017. 
If your videos are selected to be used in my show, then you will receive a 2-for-1 ticket offer to see the performance March 8th, 2017 at Liverpool LEAP festival!
thanks & have fun
mary pearson 

Liz Aggiss



Liz Aggiss is performing her piece ‘Slap and Tickle’ at this year’s LEAP Dance Festival 2017. Aggiss is a performer, choreographer, live artist and filmmaker, producing a variety of works that bring a vibrant and new take on performance. A successful artist having received the Bonnie Bird Choreography Award 1994, Arts Council Dance Fellowship 2003. Furthermore, she is Emeritus Professor University of Brighton and Hon. Doc. University of Gothenburg Sweden.

Liz Aggiss shares with us a section from her blog about the performance ‘Slap and Tickle’…

The show displays interpretations of women, girls, mothers and pensioners. Will we be able to recognize any of those interpretations in the performance?

With 40 years of performance experience and 63 of womanhood under my belt, I am the Mistress of Stamina and the ‘enfant terrible’ of the bus pass generation. There is no question that this performance is jammed full of familiarity and resonance, sharing our direct and indirect shared histories and posing questions through clear content. This is not passive viewing. The work pushes and pulls you through preconceptions and demanding your attention. It’s an ON piece! And without giving too much away, there will be balloons and prizes. (Liz Aggiss)

 If you describe Slap & Tickle in 5 words, what would it be?

Dark, funny, raucous, sophisticated, potent.

For further information and a taster on the performance ‘Slap and Tickle’, please feel free to follow the trailer link or the audio review below:

For more information on her process, previous works, ideas and about Aggiss, please feel free to explore and watch the fabulous interview below:




VITAL! Celebrates the notion that you are never too old to dance. VITAL! incorporates workshops and performances including, Growing Older (Dis) Gracefully (GODS), Mary Prestidge and Grand Gestures Dance Collective (GGDC).

The companies use creativity and expression to produce and create movement, showing all that age is just a number.  Below is further information on some of the companies taking part and what to expect from VITAL and the LEAP Dance Festival 2017.


Grand Gestures Dance Collective (GGDC) founded by Artistic Director Paula Turner promotes motivation and that creativity is all about the flexibility of body and mind. GGDC shows the artistic qualities of older dancers, moving and responding to the environment and direct experiences. The company share pictures below of a trip to Liverpool last year.


GGDC Company Tour – Liverpool 2016.

Process and Reflections.
GGDC have been recording with Steve Jinksi in the sound studio ready for their performance at Vital  and Linda and Kevan are taking things very seriously!

For further information on GGDC please follow the link below.


Growing Older (Dis) Gracefully is a Liverpool based amateur dance group of about 24 dancers, aged 59 to 86.   We welcome anyone who would like to join us, you must be over 50 but do not need dance experience.  Our current group has a range of experience, from none until joining the group, to those who danced as children and are reliving their youth, to those who had been involved all their lives teaching dance in the public sector. We just love making and performing dances.  VITAL is an important occasion for us as it gives us an opportunity to share our work with other groups and the local community.

We enjoy a great variety in the kinds of dance we do, one minute we are jubilant to spiritual music, the next fighting for our rights as suffragettes and the next enjoying a trip down memory lane with Glenn Miller. Our latest piece and the one we are performing at VITAL is a departure in mood for us. Members felt it was important to mark the various anniversaries of the Great War by creating a new piece; the specific inspiration came from Wilfred Owens’s poem ‘Anthem for Doomed Youth’. The work has been choreographed by Sandy Jones, a long standing member of the group.

Soldiers returning from the Great War often could not speak of the horrors they had been through; the poem portrays these vividly and helps give an insight into what these men daily faced. In the dance there are gestures which reflect devastation,  but more importantly the work tries to capture  both the destructive effect war has on the inner souls of those on the battle field and those left at home, as well as the courage and self-sacrifice of those on the front line. Of necessity the theme is sombre, poignant, and moving; hopefully a fitting tribute to all those who gave their lives for everyone today.

We meet on Wednesday evenings at the  I.M.Marsh Campus of John Moores University,  Barkhill Road L17 6BD. If you would like to know more, or would be interested in joining us please contact

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