Venue Process and Location

The Venue – Day 9

The interactive area growing more and more! #makemeLEAP

Day 9

The Venue – Day 8

Ever growing interactive area, dance and twirl your way to jumping your stamp on the wall! #makemeLEAP 2017

The Venue – Day 7

The interactive area continuous to grow… Leap and Chalk your stamp at Make. #makemeLEAP

A leap from the past… add your memories, share your thoughts on our board at the LEAP Dance Festival 2017!

The Venue – Day 6

The interactive space continues to grow, take a LEAP and add your stamp to the wall!

#makemeLEAP 2017



The Venue – Day 5

Get involved in our interactive space at Make, MDI LEAP Dance Festival 2017

Interactive area progress looking good, LEAP to fill the wall with your stamp! #makemeLEAP 2017

Add your own touch to the interactive area and chalk your #makemeLEAP move!


The Venue – Day 4

Get involved in our interactive space at Make, MDI LEAP Dance Festival 2017

Interactive area progress looking good, LEAP to fill the wall with your stamp! #makemeLEAP 2017


The Venue


The transformation at Make is fantastic, offering a superb space for dance. The pop up dance space created an overwhelming atmosphere, giving a fun and vibrant location. The reception space gave a splendid arrival, showing footage and photographs of past events within MDI. A variety of interaction areas were set up, giving audience members the opportunity to get involved. A board was displayed to allow for people to share their thoughts and experiences of working alongside MDI. Another location was provided just outside of the dance space, giving further opportunity for the audience members to interact with floor art. This gave us the opportunity to move and play along the words and lines like hopscotch. The audience also had the choice to add to the floor patterns with the use of coloured chalk. Furthered, was the creation of a wall design in which the audience could jump to place LEAP designed stickers on the walls. Allowing the audience to LEAP. A fabulous idea that gave entertainment to all.  #makmeLEAP

This was an imaginative and creative effect created to allow for audiences to interact and to provide evidence at the end of the festival with a grand contribution, this showing a collaborations from all. The venue offered further refreshments and seating areas, beautifully decorated. A beer garden offered further seating, giving an outside effect of greenery, wooden benches and lantern light.

Venue Process

Working in partnership with The Unity Theatre and Make Liverpool, MDI is creating a refreshing and vibrant collaboration. The LEAP Dance Festival offers a first time event, producing a pop up dance space within Make, setting the scene for a fantastic festival celebrating the 25th year of MDI in Liverpool.

A variety of companies have come together to help this theme come to life, the process and gathered data is a great journey, offering many people the opportunity to be creative. The dance companies taking part can experience their works within a fantastic space that allows for their individualities and collective identities to show.

The Location

Outside – Location

What to expect on arrival! Pictures below show the Make space on arrival…What to look out for!


Reception Space

The Make venue offers a bright and cheerful reception area, allowing natural light to flood in. The space is large with an allocated area moving off from the reception where they offer refreshments. This reception space may also be used for movement material to take place. The natural space provides a beautiful location for both movement and conversation to unfold. This space can be found at the front of the building, located on the left as you enter through the main entrance. (Images of the reception below)


Performance space

The main dance space is located in the warehouse section of Make. The area is extensive and offers much potential when viewing it with a dedicated pop up dance space in mind. The space offers multiple opportunities in which the venue can offer a variety of happenings. For example, we have the dance space, tiered seating, lighting box location, interaction area, beer garden and changing facilities. The potential in Make is very exciting and it will be excellent to see the venue transform into a space for movement and for artists to join. (Images of the Main venue can be found below)


Interactive area

This area is allocated for an area of interaction, offering people the opportunity to get involved within the festival. Adding their own touch to the venue. This will be an installation created by LJMU Intern students from the dance department.


Beer Garden

The beer garden is located to the right of the dance space and allows an area for the audience to receive refreshments and engage with others. This will be a nice touch to the festival and the atmosphere created.